List of 6 Local Government Areas in Abuja (FCT)

Abuja, known as the Federal Capital of Nigeria FCT, has 6 Local Government that comprises it. The list of the Local Government Areas are given below.

  1. Abaji Local Government Area
  2. Abuja Municipal Local Government Area
  3. Gwagwalada Local Government Area
  4. Kuje Local Government Area
  5. Bwari Local Government Area
  6. Kwali Local Government Area

FCT, Abuja is located in the middle of Nigeria, that is the North Central part of Nigeria. Shares borders with Niger, Kogi, Nasarawa and Kwara. Most of the city was built in 1980s.

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Abuja houses all of Nigeria’s head quarters of Federal Government Ministries, parastatals and agencies. The Area of Abuja is put at 1769 kilometer of Square meter.

Abuja replaced Lagos as the Capital of Nigeria in 12, December, 1991. The ASO Rock, a 400 meter monolith left by water erosion is one significant feature of Abuja.

The Presidential Complex, Supreme Court and National Assembly are located around the geography of the rock.

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While Zuma rock a 792 meter monolith another significant feature lies at the north side of Abuja around Kaduna Express.

Abuja also house the Major religious sites of Nigeria (ISLAM & Christiany). The Nigerian National Mosque and the Nigerian National Christian Centre.

Abuja also has different embassies of countries and serves as the administrative and political entity of Nigeria. Also has the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport which is amongst the top international airports in Nigeria.

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Abuja is also used as center to conference for different assembly hosted by Nigeria, like the 2014 World Economic summit was held in Abuja.

Other Local Government of State in Nigeria is given in this page.

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