List of Fundamental Human Rights in Nigeria

A listing of the fundamental human rights in Nigeria is given in this page for everyone to have their view on. Whether you are a grown up, a young person, you have kids etc. It is good we all know the rights of what can be done in the country.

It is good we all teach the kids too these rights. We believe the first fundamental Human Right in Nigeria should be the right to life. The right to live and be safe.

The fundamental human rights are listed below:

Fundamental Human Rights Nigeria:

  1. Right to Life
  2. Equality before the law
  3. Right to Liberty
  4. Right of Association
  5. Right to Fair Hearing
  6. Freedom from Slavery
  7. Right to Religion of Choice and Conscience
  8. Freedom from Discrimination
  9. Freedom of expression
  10. Freedom of movement
  11. Freedom of assembly
  12. Right to vote, and to be voted for in an election
  13. Right to own a Property
  14. Right to Education
  15. Right to private family life
  16. A Suspect is assumed to be innocent until pronounce guilty by the court of law

#1. Right to Life:

Nigeria should be a safe haven for everyone to reside. Everyone has the right to life. Life is precious and no amount of money in the world could replace one.

#2. Equality before the law:

This simple means no one person, group of persons, tribe, religion, ethnic entity should be above the law. Everyone and everything should be treated equally in the eye of the law.

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#3. Right to Liberty:

Right to liberty simply means the right to freedom. Right to move freely within the country. You can migrate from one state of the country to another. Their are 36 states in Nigeria, if one state isn’t comfortable for your survival you simply migrate to the next. No need of a passport. No need of a visa.

#4. Right of Association:

This is not restricted and not limited to right of associating yourself to a particular group or particular entity. Or creating a particular association provided this entity does not break the Nigerian law. One have the right to be identification.

#5. Right of Fair Hearing:

This is simple and straight forward. Everyone has the right to be heard. To be understood.

#6. Freedom of Slavery:

Slavery in the main context is a thing of the past. Though, their are also modern day slavery that may come in different forms. One shouldn’t be a victim of slavery. Don’t oppress and do not be oppressed.

#7. Right to Religion of Choice and Conscience:

In Nigeria, everyone is given the right to practice what so ever religion one deems fit to practice provided the religion or activities does not break the Nigerian law. The most three common religions are Islam and Christianity regarded as the Abrahamic religion and Traditional religion. Nigeria is a secular State.

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#8. Freedom from Discrimination:

This pretty much means freedom not to be sidelined in any works of life in Nigeria. Though, Nigeria is still trying to over come this. Discrimination can come in various forms, religion, ethnic, tribal etc. Since, Nigeria is a State with multi-languages and ethnic groups cases of discrimination of tribes , beliefs, religion are often reflected in other aspects of the society.

#9. Freedom of Expression:

One should be able to express oneself freely. But again in order to exercise, this right it is rational for one to be cautious of expressing hate speeches, blasphemous speech or expressions that could incite violence.

#10. Freedom of Movement:

Everyone is free to move. A fundamental human right for everyone in Nigeria.

#11. Freedom of Assembly:

Everyone has the right for an assembly. A fundamental human right for all. Provided the assembly doesn’t break any of the Nigerian Laws or incite violence.

#12. Right to vote, and to be voted for in an election:

Everyone in Nigeria has the right to participate in the electoral process. Whether you want to be voted for or vote for some one provided one reaches the age. Nigeria practices the democracy system of Government.

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#13. Right to own a Property:

Everyone has the right to own his or her own property. Since the system of Government in Nigeria allows it. Provided the property is within the comformity of the law.

#14. Right to Education:

Everyone has the right to education. Whether young or old. Female or males. Right to education in Nigeria is for all.

#15. Right to Private  Family Life:

Everyone has the right for a private family life. The Government, police or armed forces doesn’t need to interfere with the family affairs.

#16. A Suspect is assumed to be innocent until pronounce guilty by the court of law:

This means the court have the final saying. No one has the right to take laws by their hands. As in the cases of reported alleged lynching predominant in Lagos State, known as Jungle justice. In Nigeria, the court has the final say. That’s how it suppose to be.

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