List of Igbo Speaking States in Nigeria

Igbo Speaking States in Nigeria

Igbo Speaking States in Nigeria is located in South East part of Nigeria. All Igbos spread around the 6 Geo-Political Zones of Nigeria Federation come from the region.

Igbo language in Nigeria is among the three most popular Nigerian languages out of the over 120 languages in the country. And English being the Lingua Franca as a result of the Nigerian British Colonization by past colonial leaders.

Igbo like, Yoruba and Hausa are well spoken in Nigeria across all the 774 Local Government Areas of Nigeria Federation. The list of the Igbo speaking States are given below:

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South East Nigeria State

Igbo Speaking States:

  1. Abia State
  2. Anambra State
  3. Ebonyi State
  4. Enugu State
  5. Imo State

From the list we can infer that the Igbo Speaking States in Nigeria are 5 in Numbers which are predominantly dominated by the Igbo people of Nigeria. Other States in Nigeria that share almost similar cultural backgrounds as the Igbo’s are the South South region of Nigeria.

First in the list is Abia State comprising of 17 Local Government Areas LGAs in the State. Second in the list is Anambra State with 21 Local Government Areas LGA in the State. Next is Ebonyi State with 13 Local Government Areas LGAs in the State. While Enugu State has 17 Local Government Areas LGAs and Imo State, last in the list comprises of 27 Local Government Areas LGAs.

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Other States to find Igbo Speaking Speakers

Finding Igbo speaking people aren’t just restricted to just these 5 eastern Nigerian States mentioned above. But, you can also find these sets of people in other parts of the country like the South South region of States like, Bayelsa State  and Rivers State.

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Even in Northern Central Part of Nigeria, one still finds Igbo speaking people. And some people in Nigeria, not from the Igbo region have also being able to learn the language fluently, as you would hardly differentiate between them and native speakers. Thus, the language is among the most popular of the 3 in Nigeria.

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