List of 20 Local Government Area in Bauchi State

List of Local Government Areas, LGAs in Bauchi State are given in this post below. Bauchi State is located in the North East part of Nigeria. The State has 20 Local Government areas. The capital of Bauchi State is also referred to as Bauchi.

List of 20 Local Government Area in Bauchi State

  1. Bauchi
  2. Tafawa Balewa
  3. Dass
  4. Toro
  5. Bogoro
  6. Ningi
  7. Warji
  8. Ganju
  9. waKirfi
  10. Alkaleri
  11. Darazo
  12. Misau
  13. Giade
  14. Shira
  15. Jama’are
  16. Katagum
  17. Itas/Gadau
  18. Zaki
  19. Gamawa
  20. Damban
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Bauchi State was formed in 1976, 3, February. The State has around 49119 square kilometers in area with population of around 4.6million following the 2006 census that took place, thus amongs the top populated States in Nigeria.

Bauchi State has two types of vegetation attributed to it. The Sudan Savannah and the Sahel Savananah. The Sudan Savannah covers the southern part of the State which is quite vegetative. While the Sahel vegetation is like a semi-desert is located in the north part of the State.

The Local Government Area, LGA with the most of the population from data of 2006 census, is Bauch Local Government Area. Which has a population of around 500,00 people. Followed by Ningi with a population of around 400, 000 People.

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Bauchi has over 50 tribal groups. Kirfawa, Jarawa, Sayawa, Gerawa, Turawa, Karekare, Kanuri, Hausa, Fulani etc. While the main ones are the Hausa-Fulani’s.

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