List of 37 Radio Stations in Lagos State Frequencies

Perhaps we have more than 300 plus Radio Stations in Nigeria combined as a whole. A listing of all the Radio Stations that can be accessed in Lagos State are given below in this post. It contains both Radio Stations whose broadcasting can be accessed both online via the internet and offline via any radio receiver capable of receiving the frequency band. Prior to this update, a post was earlier published on all the radio Stations that broadcast from Nigeria or have the Nigerian origin. In this post we focus only on Lagos State.

Most of Stations are in the FM band. Stations covers through all sought of live feeds. From music, to sports, to news, to entertainment and much more. Also both stations in Lagos that allow internet accessibility are given.

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List 37 Radio Stations Lagos State Frequencies

Lagos is one of the most populous cities in Nigeria and also the commercial hub of Nigeria. Therefore, we expect the numbers of radio Stations both owned by Government and private individuals to exceed any other State of the Nigerian Federation. Below is the listing of the various Radio Stations in Lagos State.

Listing of 37 Radio Stations in Lagos State:

  1. Brila FM sport Freq: FM 88.9 (MHz)
  2. Eko FM Freq: FM 89.75 (MHz)
  3. Top Radio Freq: FM 90.9 (MHz)
  4. Lagos Talk FM Freq: FM 91.30 (MHz)
  5. W FM FM 91.70 (MHz)
  6. Inspiration FM FM 92.3 (MHz)
  7. Bond FM Freq: FM 92.9(MHz)
  8. Hot FM Lagos Freq: FM 93.3 (MHz)
  9. Rhythm 93.7 FM Freq: FM 93.7(MHz)
  10. Rainbow FM Freq: FM 94.1(MHz)
  11. WazobiaFM  Freq: FM 95.1(MHz)
  12. Urban96 Radio Network Freq: FM 96.5(MHz)
  13. Cool FM Nigeria Freq: FM 96.9 (MHz)
  14. Classic FM Freq: 97.3 FM 97.3(MHz)
  15. MetroFM -FRCN Freq: FM 97.7(MHz)
  16. Smooth FM 98.1  Freq: FM 98.1 (MHz)
  17. SoundCity FM 98.5   Freq: FM 98.5 (MHz)
  18. KISS FM LAGOS Freq: FM 98.9(MHz)
  19. Nigeria Info Freq: FM 99.3 (MHz)
  20. The BeatFM Ikoyi  Freq: FM 99.9(MHz)
  21. Raypower 100.5 FM Freq: FM 100.5(MHz)
  22. StarFM FM Freq: 101.5(MHz)
  23. Max FM FM  Freq: 102.3(MHz)
  24. NaijaFM FM Freq: 102.7(MHz)
  25. Unilag FM  Freq: FM 103.1(MHz)
  26. Radio One Freq: FM FM 103.5(MHz)
  27. Kennis Music FM Freq: FM 104.1(MHz)
  28. City FM Freq: 105.1 FM 105.1(MHz)
  29. Faaji FM  Freq: FM 106.5(MHz)
  30. Radio Lagos FM  Freq: 107.5(MHz)
  31. Naija FM Freq: 102.7(MHz)
  32. Nigeria Info Freq: 99.3(MHz
  33.  Kiss FM, Lagos Freq: 98.9(MHz)
  34. 234Radio
  35. 633 FM
  36. Fish FM
  37. ENradio
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