List of 52 Most Visited Websites in Nigeria

A listing of the top most visited Websites in Nigeria is given in this paost. Based on what most people within the Nigeria region browse or surf on daily basis. This data was pulled out from the free Alexa ranking of web pages on the internet.

This websites behaviors from users in Nigeria can be used to have an insight for data collection as to what kind of stuffs interest most Nigerians on the web.

We already know always ranks first all the time; mostly in many countries except for some few like China whereby they have their own on popular search engines.

It is no doubt that most top 10 visited websites on the web of a particular region, you find a Search Engine amongst the list, like Google. Reason for this is because, all over the world people want to be informed. Information is the new golden key.

The listing of the top 50 most visited websites are given below:


Below is a quick look at the top 20 sites that is mostly browsed and visited in Nigeria web space.


Is the first in the list. Google has always been the first most searched web page in most countries. Google brings relevant search results to people searches on the web.

Daily time on the Google site is around 8:14minutes, daily page views around 10.70. Traffic of search in percentage is put 0.7 and has over 2.4 million web pages linking to Google.

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Bet9ja is number 2. Not surprising, since most of the traffic comes from the Nigerian youths in a bid to make money. Any site that has some financial benefit in it in Nigeria, always attracts traffic naturally. Bet9ja daily time spent by visitors averagely is put at around 30 minutes. The site has over 19341 million backlinks(that is other sites referring to it).


Third in the list is Youtube. A video streaming web portal. Most people always also want to entertain as well as get informed. And the video streaming search engine comes in handy. Average daily time spent by visitors on Youtube is around 9 minutes. While the total backlinks, websites linking in is around 1.9 million.

Formerly known as naij provides digital news and media for Nigeria. One stop portal for everything happening in Nigeria. Average time spent by users on is put at aroumd 8 minutes while total backlinks is around 5000+ links.


Next is Facebook, social media web platform where people connect with each other. Connect with friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends of friends and new people. Facebook average time spent by users is put at around 10 minutes. It has around 5 million backlinks to it from Nigeria.


Is a major internet portal and service provider offering search results and customizable content. It has an average daily time spent by visitors at around 4 minutes. It has over 480+ thousand sites linking to it.

NNU is more of a forum and also attached with some economic visitors. Daily time spent on this site by users from Nigeria is around 19 minutes. It has over 3000 linking sites to it.

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Here you get all kinds of news happening in Nigeria. From Sporting events, to politics, to entertainment and much more. Daily time spent averagely by visitors is put around 4 minutes. has a total of around 3700 sites linking to it.

One of Nigeria’s most popular news paper on the web. Vanguardngr has upto 5minutes of daily user time spent and over 12000 sites referring or linking back to it.

This is the Nigeria focused domain for the popular search engine, Average time spent by users exceeds 6 minutes with over 1500 sites linking back to it.

Nairaland is Nigeria’s popular forum where different people come to share information and other stuffs. Daily average time spent by users on Nairaland is estimated to be around 11 minutes with a total of around 4000+ backlinks or sites linking into it.

Punch is one of the popular news paper in Nigeria. The domain is the web version or web replica of this popular news paper. Punchng gets an estimated average time spent by visitors to be around 5 minutes with over 9000 backlinks.

Jumia is the most used e-commerce website in Nigeria. Users get to buy all kinds of products from this sites delivered to their various locations. Average daily time spent by users is put around 10 minutes. Jumia has more than 850 backlinks linking to it.

This is a free encyclopedia. Where most users come to get insight, learn and information on various subjects. Average daily time spent by users is put at around 5 minutes on this site. Wikipedia has a total of more than 1.3million backlinks linking to it.

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Is another news paper web portal for publish fast breaking news and other stories. It has around 3 minutes of daily average visits. While sites linking to it via backlinks is over 4600 links.

Is one of the most popular websites amongst the youths in Nigeria. A social and music websites with timely information on celebrity gist and other topics. Daily time spent by users on this site is put at around 6 minutes. While backlinks is around 4500 links to it.

Twitter is another very popular social media web platform for many Nigerians. People get to share information, communicate and perform other functions on this site. It has an average of 7 minutes daily time spent by users and an estimated amount of 3.8 million backlinks to it.

Instagram is another popular social media online web portal for sharing pictures, live streaming and videos. Daily time spent on this site is put at around 6 minutes. Instagram has more than 1.5 million backlinks to it.

Naijanews a Nigeria digital media information outlets. Where you get latest happenings around Nigeria. Daily time spent by visitors is around 8 minutes. The site has more than 1000 backlinks linking to it.

Tooxlusive is one of the most popular music blog in Nigeria. Here people get latest information of their best artiste releases. Daily time spent on this site is around 5 minutes. It has more than 3800 backlinks linking back to it.

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