List of North East States in Nigeria

The list of North East States in Nigeria are all given in this page. North East Nigeria States are 6 in numbers. They are located in the North east part of the Nigeria States.

These States share almost similar weather conditions as well as other features. Has in it, Hausa, Kanuri, Fulani and other ethnic tribes.

The list are given below:

North East Nigeria

First in the list is Adamawa State. Adamawa State is known as the land of beauty. Looking for one of the States in Nigeria with gorgeous women, then, Adamawa may come first in the list. Adamawa State is dominated by the Fulani speaking tribe. The State capital of Adamwa State is Yola. Adamawa State was created in 1991.

Second in the list is Bauchi State. Bauchi State’s capital is called Bauchi also. The State was created in 1976. To be precise, 3rd, February, 1976. The State is also attraction to tourist.

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Third in the list is Borno State. Borno State was created in 3rd, February, 1976. The State’s capital is Maiduguri. It is the origin of the Kanuri speaking tribe.

Gombe State is fourth in the list. The State was created in October 1, of 1996. A popular place in Gombe is Kaltungo, known as the snake highland. The capital of Gombe State is also known as Gombe.

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Taraba State is the fifth in the list. Taraba State was named after the River Taraba which is situated at the South part of the State. The State was created in 27, August, of 1991. The capital of Taraba State is called Jalingo.

Yobe State is the sixth in the list. Yobe State’s capital is known as Damaturu. Yobe State was created from Borno State in August, 27, 1991.

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