List of 11 Local Government Areas in Gombe State

List of 11 Local Government Areas in Gombe State are given below. Gombe State is located in North Eastern part of Nigeria. The capital of Gombe State is also called Gombe. Gombe State was created in 1st, October of 1996 from old Bauchi. The State slogan is the Jewel of Excellence.

Gombe State has a land area of 18768 square kilometers. Gombe State has a vegetation type of the Savannah. Shares border with Borno State, Taraba State, Yobe State, Adamawa State and Bauchi State.

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The population of Gombe State from the data of 2006 population census is put at around 2.4 million people. There are 11 Local Government Areas in the State. Making Gombe State to be one of Nigeria’s State with one of the least amount of Local Government Areas of the 774 total Local Government Areas in Nigeria.

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People of Gombe State come from different ethnic backgrounds. But, the most dominant are the Fulani’s, the Tangele’s, the Hausa’s, Tera’s, Waja’s, Kanuri’s and Bolewa’s.

List of 11 Local Government Areas in Gombe State

  1. Akko LGA
  2. Billiri LGA
  3. Dukku LGA
  4. Balanga LGA
  5. Funakaye LGA
  6. Gombe LGA
  7. Kaltungo LGA
  8. Kwami LGA
  9. Nafada LGA
  10. Shongom LGA
  11. Yamaltu/Deba LGA
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