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List of 21 Local Government Areas in Benue State

The listing of the 21 Local Government Areas LGAs in Benue State are given below. Benue State is located in the North Central part of Nigeria. The state slogan is called the Food Basket of the nation. Known for fertile land for agricultural produce. Benue State shares boundary with Nasarawa state.

The State’s capital is Makurdi. Markudi has a river port inside it. Which had attracted many people to it. And also one of the catalyst for the Local Government development.

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Benue State was created in 1976. The 2006 population censors puts Benue State at over 4million people. Though this figure far exceeds the current population. The land area is around 34000square kilometers. The TIV, Idoma, Igede speaking people dominate this State.

The state include both people of the Islamic religion, Christian religion and people also practicing the traditional religion.

Farm produce in Benue State, includes, the likes of Yam, Oranges, Sesame, rice, groundnuts, palm tree, guinea corn, cassava, potatoes, groundnuts, soya beans and much more.

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There are 21 Local Government Areas that make up the whole Benue State. Their listings are given.

List of 21 Local Government Areas in Benue State

  1. Ado
  2. Agatu
  3. Apa
  4. Buruku
  5. Gboko
  6. Guma
  7. Gwer East
  8. Gwer West
  9. Katsina-Ala
  10. Konshisha
  11. Kwande
  12. Logo
  13. Makurdi
  14. Obi
  15. Ogbadibo
  16. Oju
  17. Okpokwu
  18. Ohimini
  19. Oturkpo
  20. Tarka
  21. Ukum
  22. Ushongo
  23. Vandeikya
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