List of 31 Local Government Area (LGA) in Akwa Ibom State

Listing of 31 Local Government Areas(LGA) in Akwa Ibom State are listed in this posting. Akwa-Ibom State is located around the coast of Nigeria and in the South South side of the country. Akwa-Ibom State is one of the top producing oil States in Nigeria. And also part of the Niger Delta States. Revenue from oil is one of the backbone of the Nigerian economy.

The capital of Akwa-Ibom is Uyo. The State is estimated to have a population of above 5million people as of the time of writing this post. Also, one of the States in Nigeria with a good GDP.

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Akwa-Ibom State was created in 23, September, 1987 by the former Nigerian Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida. The State comprises 31 Local Government Areas, LGAs which each LGA divided into wards and sub-wards.

Akwa-Ibom State has a land area of around 7000square kilometer. Akwa-Ibom has an airport in the State and two sea ports on the Atlantic Ocean. The State also has a 30000 seat ultramodern sports center. Thus, with some of this projects, the State can be said to be also amongst the top States in terms of infrastructural development in Nigeria.

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List of 31 Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State

  1. Abak
  2. Eastern Obolo
  3. Eket
  4. Esit-Eket
  5. Essien Udim
  6. Etim-Ekpo
  7. Etinan
  8. Ibeno
  9. Ibesikpo-Asutan
  10. Ibiono-Ibom
  11. Ika
  12. Ikono
  13. Ikot Abasi
  14. Ikot Ekpene
  15. Ini
  16. Itu
  17. Mbo
  18. Mkpat-Enin
  19. Nsit-Atai
  20. Nsit-Ibom
  21. Nsit-Ubium
  22. Obot-Akara
  23. Okobo
  24. Onna
  25. Oron
  26. Oruk Anam
  27. Ukanafun
  28. Udung-Uko
  29. Uruan
  30. Urue-Offong/Oruko
  31. Uyo

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