List of 6 Radio Stations in Adamawa State Frequencies

The 6 most popular radio stations in Adamawa State of North Eastern Nigeria are listed. Adamawa State’s Capital is Yola, and all of the radio Stations are in Yola. Which is in the capital city of the State.

Radio programs from the Adamawa settings are transmitted in English, Hausa as well as Fulani which are also major Nigerian Languages over the 300 languages we have in Nigeria.

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List of 6 Radio Stations in Adamawa State FrequenciesOne of the popular Radio Stations in Adamawa is the FM Gotel, located in Yola which can be tracked by the frequency 144MHz, the State’s capital.

Popular programs spans across different topics. News, entertainment, music, events, happenings etc.

Others include, the likes of ABC FM which can be tracked on the 144MHz FM band. The ABC AM in Yola which can be tracked via the 1440 AM band. The AM Radio which can be tracked with the 917 frequency , the Fombina FM Yola with tracking frequency of 101.5MHz FM mode. The Pulaku FM with 92.3 tracking frequency.

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List of 6 Radio Stations in Adamawa State

  1. AM Radio Gotel, Yola Frequency: 917 AM
  2. FM Gotel Yola Frequency: 91.1MHz
  3.  ABC AM, Yola Frequency: 1440 AM band
  4. Fombina FM Yola Frequency: 101.5MHz
  5.  Pulaaku FM, Yola. Frequency: 92.3MHz
  6.  ABC FM, Yola Frequency: 95.7MHz

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