List of 6 Radio Stations in Bauchi State

List of Radio Stations in Bauchi State is given in this listing alongside their various tracking frequencies. Bauchi State is located in North East part of Nigeria. Also one of the popular States in the region. There are about 6 radio Stations in Bauchi State. Radio programs are broadcast in English as well as Hausa language which is common amongst the people and also one of the top spoken languages in Nigeria.

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Some of the popular radio Stations in Bauchi State is BRC. Known as Bauchi Radio Corporation (BRC). Owned and operated by the State Government. There are two stations of BRC. The first one is transmitted in AM band at a frequency of 990KHz. While the second is aired at a frequency of 94.6MHz in the FM band. Programs are aired in English or Hausa. Both stations can be tracked by using any radio receiver with support for AM and FM band. We have the popular Ray Power FM too. Which is also present in States like, Lagos, Kano and Abuja. Ray Power FM can be tracked using the 95.7MHz frequency in the FM band.

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List of 6 Radio Stations in Bauchi State:

  1. BRC 1 AM Bauchi Tracking Frequency: 990 kHz
  2. BRC 2 FM, Bauchi Tracking Frequency: 94.6 MHz
  3. Ray Power FM, Bauchi Tracking Frequency: 95.7 MHz
  4. Albarka Radio, Bauchi Tracking Frequency: 97.5 MHz
  5. Globe FM (FRCN), Bauchi Tracking Frequency: 98.5 MHz
  6. Atap FM, Bauchi Tracking Frequency: 99.5 MHz
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