List of 7 Radio Stations in Benue State

List of 7 Radio Stations in Benue State are given in this posting. Benue State is located in North Central part of Nigeria. And of the most most popular State in the religion with slogan, food basket of the nation. The most of the radio stations are located in the State’s capital called, Markurdi.

Programs cut across different niches, like news, drama, trends around Benue State, music, informative news, announcement and football commentary. notable in the listing are Radio Benue, located in Markudi with tracking frequency of 95MHz in the FM band. Joy FM located in Otukpo this time with tracking frequency of 96.5MHz also in the FM band. Harvest FM, located in Makurdi. It has tracking frequency of 103.5. Next is Ashiwaves FM located in Katsina-Ala with tracking frequency of 99.9. Also, worth mentioning is the campus Radio, situated in Benue State University, BSU. The radio station is called BSU FM, it is owned and operated by the school.

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List of 7 Radio Stations in Benue State

  1. Radio Benue 1 Makurdi
  2. Asking Radio Online
  3. Radio Benue, Makurdi Tracking Frequency: 95.0
  4. Joy FM, Otukpo Tracking Frequency: 96.5
  5. Harvest FM, Makurdi Tracking Frequency: 103.5
  6. Ashiwaves FM, Katsina-Ala Tracking Frequency: 99.9
  7. Benue State University, BSU FM, Makurdi Tracking Frequency: 89.9FM

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