List of 8 Radio Stations in Niger State Frequencies

Niger State radio stations are listed in this page alongside the tracking frequencies. There are up to 8 radio Stations in Niger State. And most of the radio Stations are located in the State’s capital Minna.

Niger State is one of the popular States in the North Central part of Nigeria. Popular called the power state. Due to the siting of the 3 significant hydro electric power generating stations in the State. Also the State in Nigeria with the largest land area.

The radio stations in Minna air in English, as well as the indigenous languages of the people of State Gwari, Nupe and Hausa.  Programs air in the various radio Stations covers all aspects and categories in the broadcasting media. From entertainment, to informative programs, to music, to announcements, news, football commentary etc.

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List of 8 Radio Stations in Niger State Frequencies

There are up to 3 campus radio stations in Niger State. Search FM Minna is for the Federal University of Technology Minna which broadcast many programs and news as well as campus related announcements and happenings. And also musics too. It is trackable by using the 92.3 MHz frequency around Minna axis.  Next is Ultimate FM which is operated by the College of Education Minna. It is trackable by using the 103.9MHz frequency anywhere in Minna. And the last campus FM is Click FM Lapai which is operated by the Ibrahim Babangida University Lapai which is trackable by using the 89.9MHz frequency on any radio receiver.

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List of 8 Radio Stations in Niger State Frequencies

  1. Zuma FM, Suleja Frequency: 88.5MHz
  2. Crystal Radio, Minna Frequency: 91.2MHz
  3. Search FM, Minna (Federal University of Technology, Minna) Frequency: 92.3MHz
  4. Power FM, Bida (Radio Nigeria) Frequency: 100.5MHz
  5. Ultimate FM, Minna (College of Education, Minna) Frequency: 103.9MHz
  6. Click FM, Lapai (Ibrahim Babangida University, Lapai) Frequency: 89.9MHz
  7. Victory FM, Minna Frequency: 90.5MHz
  8. Prestige FM, Minna Frequency: 91.7MHz
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