List of Courses Federal University of Technology (FUTA)

FUTA, also known as Federal Unversity of Technology Akure is located in Ondo State’s capital Akure. The university was established in 1981. The university is a Technological oriented one. So therefore, most of the courses are practical oriented ones related to sciences.

Futa also is amongst the top universities of technology we have had in the country. Offering over 60 science and engineering oriented courses.

FUTA consist of 9 schools, School of Science being the first. School of Earth and Mineral Sciences the second, School of Environmental Technology the third, School of Engineering and Engineering Technology the fourth, School of Agricultural and Agricultural Technology the fifth, School of Management Technology the sixth, School of Postgraduate Studies the seventh, School of Health and Health Technology the eighth, School of Computing the ninth.

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Courses Federal University Technology (FUTA)

The list of the courses offered in Futa, Federal university of Technology Akure are enlisted below:

List of Courses offered in FUTA:

  1. Agricultural Extension & Communication Technology
  2. Agricultural & Resource Economics
  3. Animal Production & Health
  4. Crop, Soil & Pest Management
  5. Fisheries & Aquaculture Technology
  6. Ecotourism & Wildlife Management
  7. Forestry & Wood Technology
  8. Food Science & Technology
  9. School of Engineering & Engineering Technology
  10. Agricultural Engineering
  11. Civil Engineering
  12. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  13. Mechanical Engineering
  14. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  15. Mining Engineering
  16. Applied Geophysics
  17. Applied Geology
  18. Metereology
  19. Marine Science & Technology
  20. Remote Sensing & Geo-science Information Systems.
  21. Architecture
  22. Building Technology
  23. Estate Management
  24. Industrial Design
  25. Quantity Surveying
  26. Urban & Regional Planning
  27. Surveying and Geoinformatics
  28. Project Management Technology
  29. Transport Management Technology
  30. Library Management Technology
  31. Entrepreneurship Management Technology
  32. Biochemistry
  33. Biology
  34. Chemistry
  35. Computer Science
  36. General Studies
  37. Mathematical Sciences
  38. Microbiology
  39. Physics and Statistics.
  40. Physics & Statistics
  41. Microbiology;
  42. Mathematic Sciences;
  43. General Studies;
  44. Computer Science;
  45. Chemistry;
  46. Biology
  47. Library Management Technology;
  48. Transport Management Technology;
  49. Project Management Technology;
  50. Entrepreneurship Management Technology.
  51. Surveying and Geoinformatics;
  52. Urban and Regional Planning;
  53. Quantity Surveying;
  54. Industrial Design;
  55. Estate Management;
  56. Building Technology
  57. Remote Sensing and Geoscience Information Systems;
  58. Marine Science and Technology;
  59. Meteorology;
  60. Mining Engineering;
  61. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering;
  62. Mechanical Engineering;
  63. Electrical Engineering;
  64. Civil Engineering;
  65. Agricultural Engineering;
  66. Forestry and Wood Technology;
  67. Ecotourism and Wildlife Management;
  68. Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology;
  69. Crop, Soil and Pest Management;
  70. Animal Production and Health;
  71. Agricultural and Resource Economics;
  72. Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology;
  73. Food Science and Technology
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