List of Nigerian States Population (2006 Census)

This post contains the listing of the various population size of States in Nigeria going by the 2006 population census held. The total population of Nigeria is put at around 140,003, 54399.998.

Nigeria has in it 36 States in the country with all of the States divided into 6 Geo-political Zones. They are, the North Central, North West, North East, South South, South East and South West Nigeria. Each of this zones contains States grouped in order of their location into these Geopolitical Zones.

Also each of the States are made of Local Government Areas(LGAs) which all sum up to give a total of 774 Local Government Areas(LGAs) in Nigeria.

By far the North Western part of Nigeria, is the most populated region in Nigeria. With Kano State being the most populated State in Nigeria, also from that same region having a population of around 9.4million people in it going by the 2006 population census.

Second most populated State in Nigeria going by the data above is Lagos State, located in North Western part of Nigeria. Population of Lagos and Kano have been subject of controversies as some proponents have always argued that Lagos State is the most populated.

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Going by the 2006 Population Census, Lagos State is said to have around 9.2million people living inside it. Both Lagos State and Kano State share one thing in common. They are both commercial oriented States.

Second to the least populated State is Bayelsa State, located in the South South region of Nigeria. Bayelsa State consist of 8 Local Government Areas (LGAs) inside it. Making it one of the States with the smallest numbers of Local Government Areas LGAs.

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Least populated State in Nigeria, is the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. Comprising, just 6 Local Government Areas. The population of Abuja is put at around 1.4million people living inside it going by the 2006 population census.

Population of States in Nigeria By Size:

  1.  Kano State 9,401,288 people
  2. Lagos State 9,113,605 people
  3. Kaduna State 6,113,503 people
  4. Katsina State 5,801,584 people
  5. Oyo State 5,580,894 people
  6. Rivers State 5,198,605 people
  7. Bauchi State 4,653,066 people
  8. Jigawa State 4,361,002 people
  9. Benue State 4,253,641 people
  10. Anambra State 4,177,828 people
  11. Borno State 4,171,104 people
  12. Delta State 4,112,445 people
  13. Niger State 3,954,772 people
  14. Imo State 3,927,563 people
  15. Akwa Ibom State 3,178,950 people
  16. Ogun State 3,751,140 people
  17. Sokoto State 3,702,676 people
  18. Ondo State 3,460,877 people
  19. Osun State 3,416,959 people
  20. Kogi State 3,314,043 people
  21. Zamfara State 3,278,873 people
  22. Enugu State 3,267,837 people
  23. Kebbi State 3,256,541 people
  24. Edo State 3,233,366 people
  25. Plateau State 3,206,531 people
  26. Adamawa State 3,178,950 people
  27. Cross River State 2,892,988 people
  28. Abia State 2,845,380 people
  29. Ekiti State 2,398,957 people
  30. Kwara State 2,365,353 people
  31. Gombe State 2,365,040 people
  32. Yobe State 2,321,339 people
  33. Taraba State 2,294,800 people
  34. Ebonyi State 2,176,947 people
  35. Nasarawa State 1,869,377 people
  36. Bayelsa State 1,704,515 people
  • Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) 1,405,201 people.
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