List of North Central Part of Nigeria States

The list of the North Central Part of Nigeria States are shown in Alphabetical order. North Central part of Nigeria is located in the North side of Nigeria. Close to the middle of the map.

North Central Part of Nigeria:

These States shares some things in common. Like ethnic mixing of people. For example, the Gwari’s origin are known to be predominantly from Niger State. But, you would find Gwari’s in Nasarawa State, Kogi State etc. Like wise, the Nupe speaking tribe.

First,  in the list of the North Central states is Abuja. Abuja is the capital city of the whole Nigeria. Abuja comprises people from all ethnic backgrounds. It is where all the Head Quarters of most Federal Government Agencies are located. Abuja shares boundary with Nasarawa State also part of North Central Nigeria.

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Second in the list is Benue State regarded as the food basket of the Nation. This State also share boundary with Nasarawa State. Known for their prowess in the Agricultural sector. And blessed with fertile land for cultivation.

Third in the list is Kogi State. Kogi State is another State blessed with huge amount of the iron-ore resources. It is where Ajaokuta Steel Industry was established. Kogi State is near Kwara State also part of North Central part of Nigeria. Kogi State is known as the confluence State. Because, it has two major river confluence meeting at Lokoja. That is the river Niger and the river Benue.

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Fourth in the list is Kwara State. Kwara State shares boundary with Niger State which is located also in North Central part of Nigeria. Kwara State has a mixture of people from various ethnic backgrounds living in it. Yoruba’s, Nupe’s, etc.

Fifth in the list is Nasarawa State. Known as the home of Solid Minerals. Nasarawa State is near Abuja and also shares boundary with Benue State.

Sixth in the list is Niger State. Niger State is regarded as power State. It is where 3 major Hydro-Power Stations in Nigeria are located. The Jebba, Shiroro and Kainji Hydro Power Stations. Major tribes living in Niger State are Gwari’s, Nupe’s and Hausa’s. Niger State is also known for strong hold in Agriculture.

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Last in the list is Plateau State. Plateau State has always being a tourist attraction in North Central part of Nigeria. The cold weather condition and the hill tops has been a friendly attraction for foreigners.

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