List of South South Part of Nigeria States

South South part of Nigeria is located alongside the coast region of Nigeria. It is where most of the Nigerian Crude Oil is gotten from. The South South consist of States with the Crude Oil Resources.

South South Nigeria also have people of different ethnic backgrounds but with almost peculiar cultures. Rainfall is also steady. Agriculture can also be partly done. Depending on the end product.

The list of South South Nigeria States are given below:

South South Nigeria:

First in the list is Akwa Ibom State. Akwa Ibom State is one of the richest States in Nigeria in terms of the Crude Oil Resources. The capital of Akwa Ibom is Akwa.

Also regarded as part of the Niger Delta regions.

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Second in the list is Bayelsa State. Bayelsa State is a small State in Nigeria with small population. Also part of the Niger Delta States. The capital of Bayelsa State is Yenogoa. The State was founded in October 1, 1996.

Third State in the list is Cross River State. Cross River State is located in the South South region too. Shares border in the east with Cameroon. Capital of Cross River is Calabar.

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Fourth in the list is Delta State. Delta State is also located in the South South region of Nigeria. Also amongst the top 10 oil producing States in Nigeria. The capital of Delta State is Asaba. Delta State is one of the most populated States in the South South region of Nigeria with population estimate of over 4 million people.

Fifth in the list is Edo State. Edo State is known for their historic cultural backgrounds of the Edo kingdom which dates back to several years before civilization. The capital of Edo State is Benin city.

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Last in the list is Rivers State. Which is an oil rich State. Also part of the top 10 oil States in Nigeria. The capital of Rivers State is Porth-Harcourt. River State is also part of the Niger Delta States and located in the coast of Nigeria. River State is one of the most developed States in Nigeria.

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