List of South West Part of Nigeria States

South West part of Nigeria is mostly predominated by the Yoruba speaking Tribe. When you mention South West Nigeria then, you are speaking of the Yorubas. Except for Kwara State that also have some Yoruba originsĀ  of people in it located in North Central part of Nigeria.

Generally, South West Nigeria have a friendly weather. Good for cultivation. Rain fall is constant. Agriculture and Commerce also thrive in this region.

States in the South West part of Nigeria are given below:

South West Nigeria:

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First State among the South Western States is Ekiti State. Ekiti State was founded in 1996 by General Sani Abacha. The capital of Ekiti State is Ado Ekiti.

Second is the list is Lagos State. Lagos State is the commercial center of Nigeria. And the former capital of Nigeria. It is where all the big industries are located and is one of the most densely populated States in Nigeria.

Ogun State is third in the list. The State was created in 1976. Ogun State shares boundary with Lagos, Oyo, Osun and Ondo State. Also share boundary with Benin Republic.

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Fourth in the list is Ondo State. Ondo State’s capital is Akure. The State was founded in 1976 also. It was created out of Ekiti State.

Fifth in the list is Osun State. Osun State is located in North West part of Nigeria also. The capital of Osun state is Osogbo. Osun shares border with Kwara State in the North and in the east with Ekiti State and Ondo State.

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Sixth in the list is Oyo State. Which is one of the largest North Western States in Nigeria. The capital of Oyo State is Ibadan. It is one of the most populous States in Nigeria.

All the South Western StatesĀ  of Nigeria States are dominated by the Yoruba speaking Tribes.

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