List of States Created By Nigeria Past Head of States

Nigeria practices the Federal system of Government. It has 36 States in it with a total of 774 Local Government Areas. Some of the States were created by Nigeria’s former head of States. A listing of the various States created by Nigeria past head of States are given in this post.

During the independence of Nigeria in 1960, Nigeria was partitioned into 3 regions, North, East and West as a Federal State. After this period, States that were created before the independence were later abolished. In 1963 the new mid western region was created from two provinces in the former Western region.

In 1967 12 States were formed by replacing already existing regions. Except for the mid western region that weren’t affected rather turned into a single State.

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The Nigerian Eastern Region tried to secede between 1967-1970 through the Biafra movement that lead to Nigeria civil war.

In 1976, the total number of States in Nigeria became 19 by the addition of 7 more States. Betweeen 1987-1991 the total number of States in Nigeria became 21 including the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja).

While from 1991-1996, the number of States became 30 in number including the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). From 1996 upwards the number of States in Nigeria became 36 States.

Before the independence, during the colonial rule, under the auspices of Lord Lugard. Nigeria was divided into the Northern, Western, Mid Western and Eastern Region. After independence, General Yakubu Gowon in 1967, was the first head of State to create 12 other regions that made up the Nigerian State.

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List of Nigeria States Created By Former Head of States:


#1. Lord Lugard (1952):

4 States in Nigeria was created before Nigeria’s independence. They are given below:

  1. Northern
  2. Western
  3. Mid West
  4. Eastern Region

#2. General Yakubu Gowon (1967):

General Yakubu Gowon created 12 States in 1967. The States created are given below:

  1. North East
  2. South East
  3. Benue
  4. Plateau
  5. East Central
  6. Kano
  7. Kwara
  8. Lagos
  9. Mid West
  10. North West
  11. North Central Rivers
  12. South Western State

#3. General Murtala Muhammed (1876):

During the regime of General Murtala Muhammed, 19 States were created in 1876. The are given below:

  1. Sokoto
  2. Niger
  3. Ondo
  4. Oyo
  5. Kaduna
  6. Bauchi
  7. Imo
  8. Kano
  9. Kwara
  10. Rivers
  11. Cross Rivers
  12. Gongola
  13. Anambra
  14. Borno
  15. Bendel
  16. Benue
  17. Ogun
  18. Plateau
  19. Lagos
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#4. General Ibrahim Babangida (1987):

In 1987, General Ibrahim Babangida  created two (2) States in Nigeria. They are given below:

  1. Katsina
  2. Akwa Ibom

#5. General Ibrahim Babangida (1991):

In 1991 10 States were created by General Ibrahim Babangida. The States are given below:

  1. Yobe
  2. Osun
  3. Taraba
  4. Jigawa
  5. Kogi
  6. Abia
  7. Delta
  8. Edo
  9. Enugu
  10. Adamawa

#6. General Sani Abacha (1996):

General Sani Abacha created 6 States in 1996. The States are given below:

  1.  Zamfara
  2. Bayelsa
  3. Gombe
  4. Ekiti
  5. Ebonyi
  6. Nasarawa

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