List of Top 10 Crude Oil Producing States in Nigeria

List of Top 10 Crude Oil Producing States in Nigeria.
List of top crude oil extraction States in Nigeria is Stated in this page in relevance to the whole Nigerian economy. It is a proven fact that Nigeria is blessed with abundant natural resources as well human resources too.

Crude oil in Nigeria was first discovered by Shell-BP in 1956 in Oloibiri in the Niger Delta region. Then after, Nigeria joined the likes of other oil world producers in 1958. With first crude oil extraction above 5000 barrel per day rate.

But harnessing fully these various resources has always been the problem. And much concentration has been put into crude oil extraction. Currently, the backbone of the Nigerian economy has been the crude oil.

We could infer when oil price had dropped globally, the effect was not only plain as affecting the economies of various oil producing nations. But, also had crippling effect on nation, like Nigeria that has solely depended on it.

List of Top 10 Crude Oil Producing States in Nigeria

Nigeria as a whole comprises 36 States and not all of these States have inside of them crude oil resource. Crude oil is a thing of the South South Nigeria region. But, the Government has been working to explore the potential of exploring crude oil also in the Northern part of Nigeria also. As some States have been discovered to possess unharnessed crude oil in them.

Most of the oil produced from Nigeria are from the Niger Delta region (South South Nigeria). States in Nigeria which are referred to as Niger Delta include, Rivers, Cross River, Delta, Akwa-Ibom, Edo, Bayelsa, Delta.

Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Delta and Bayelsa State are responsible for 90 percent of total crude oil extraction in Nigeria.

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Nigeria total crude oil production rate is given at around 1600,000 barrels per day for National production. While the oil reserve is above 30 billion barrels. The daily production flips between 2-2.7 million per barrels per day.

The establishment that manages all the affairs of the Crude Oil in Nigeria is known as the NNPC, which is in charge of operation and exploration of crude oil in Nigeria.

It is a Federal owned establishment which was created in 1, April, 1977. After, Nigeria joined OPEC, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in 1971. NNPC has quite a number of subsidiaries and Business Units.

Below is a list of the top States in Nigeria with the highest amount of Crude oil.

List of Top 10 Crude Oil Producing States in Nigeria:


#1. Akwa-Ibom State:

The first oil producing State with highest production of crude oil is Rivers State. With over 500,000 barrels per day. Over the years, Akwa-Ibom State has managed to displace Rivers State from this position to second.

The State isn’t just only oil rich. But, also has the likes of Limestone(Calcium Trioxocarbonate), Silver Nitrate and Coal.

Akwa-Ibom is located in south south Nigeria in the coast region. The capital of Akwa-Ibom is called Uyo. The State slogan is the land of promise. The State has 31 LGA’s, Local Government Areas. Ethnic groups that is well known includes, Ibibio, Annang and Oron. The State shares border with Rivers State and the Atlantic.

Akwa-Ibom is not only oil rich but also a State with natural beauty which attracts tourism too. Tourist attraction site includes the likes of Ibeno Sand beach, Mary Slessor house, Oron Museum and the Godswill Akpabio Internation Stadium.

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#2. Rivers State:

River State is also located in the south south region of Nigeria. With population of over 5 million people. Rivers State was the highest crude oil extraction State in Nigeria prior to Akwa-Ibom taking the top spot position. Rivers State produces over 300,000 barrels per day.

The capital of Rivers State is Porth-Harcourt and shares border with Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Abia, Anambra and Imo.

Rivers States is made up of 23 Local Government Area (LGA). Comprises ethnic groups speaking Okrika, Ogoni, Ikwere, Opobo and Kalabari Language.  River State like Akwa-Ibom also share link with the Atlantic ocean.

#3. Delta State:

Delta State is also located in the south south region of Nigeria. And among the highest oil extraction states in Nigeria and Niger Delta region. Delta State also produces over 340000 barrels per day crude oil.

The states comprises 25 Local Government Area (LGA). Languages common in Warri include, Isoko, Itsekiris and Urhobos. Warri is a popular state in Delta State which comprises oil processing refineries in Nigeria.

#4. Bayelsa State:

Bayelsa State is also an oil producing state in Nigeria. And occupies the position of top oil producing states in Nigeria with over 280,000 barrels per day crude oil.

Located in south south region and among the Niger Delta states. Bayelsa State was crafted out of Rivers state in the year 1996.

Bayelsa state capital is called Yenagoa. comprises of Ogbia, Nembe, Izon, Atissa and Epie speaking people. The state has one of the least population in Nigeria. Which estimates to roughly around 2million.

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#5. Cross River State:

Cross River State is also among the oil producing State in Nigeria. The capital of Cross River is Calabar. The name Cross River was taken from the river Cross located in the state.

#6. Ondo State:

Ondo State is located in the South West part of Nigeria. With capital being Akure. The state is dominated by the Yoruba speaking people.

Crude oil extraction rate in Ondo is given at around 60000 barrels per day.

#7. Lagos State:

Lagos State  is located in the South West region of Nigeria. Which was the former capital of Nigeria with capital Ikeja. Lagos State is the economic hub of the Nigeria. With access to sea port. The capital of Lagos State is Ikeja. Crude oil production in Lagos State is given at around 40000 barrels per day.

#8. Edo State:

Edo State crude oil generation capacity is given at above 30000 barrels per day. The capital of Edo State is around 8mill. Made up of three major ethnic groups, Owan, Etsako, Benin, Esan.

#9. Imo State:

Imo State is located in the South East region of Nigeria. The capital of Imo State is Owerri. Oil production rate is at around 17000 barrels per day.

#10. Abia State:

Abia State is located in South East of Nigeria. With crude oil production put around 10,000 barells per day.

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