List of Top Nigerian Comedians

Before comedy and music in Nigerian weren’t really given much accolades as a profession. Not until the industry evolved in the past decade to turn into a big industry with lots of upcoming artiste and potentials.

Now Nigerian comedians can boastfully and proudly showcase themselves as being professional comedians unlike in the past.

We have also had one or two artiste that just came into the industry to bring up new style of comedy and new way in which comedy can be perceived and enjoyed.

The likes of AY and Basketmouth are clear examples. From stand up comedy to what looks like TV show and short videos comedy.

List of Top Nigerian Comedians

In the past what we had or perceived as comedians were just stand up comedians. But, now we have comedies in the form of cartoons via Youtube, short videos and Tv shows.

Nigerian comedians in general don’t only put smiles on peoples face but delve into happenings in the present society to come up with jokes that people can relate with in one two ways and make sense of and as well put smiles on their faces.

The list of Top Nigerian Comedians are given below in order of relevancy. So if some one ask you a question, what are the top Nigeiran comedians, you can simply reply with the listing giving below. Here we go:

List of Nigerian Comedians:

1. Bovi:

First in the list is Bovi. Full name Bovi Ugboma. Bovi hails from Benin State in Nigeria with state name Bovi.

A comedian that combines his comedy with also acting in the Nollywood industry. When a listing of top comedians in Nigeria comes to mind. Sure, can’t go complete without including Bovi inside it.

Bovi has that aura of comedy that surrounds him. From his physiques, his facial looks to his gestures.

On stage he has proven to be a cracking one also his short video comedies leaves you with no option but to crack the ribs in laughter.

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2. Basketmouth:

Basketmouth can be said to be one of the pioneering fathers of the modern day comedy in Nigeria.

His hair do alone is something that makes him stand out. Perhaps one of the best standup comedian Nigerian has ever had.

And no doubt one of the popular Nigerian comedians of all time. When Nigerian comedy is mentioned what comes to mind is Basketmouth.

Basketmouth name is Bright Okpocha. Combines not only stage comedy but also short funny videos clips too.

Basketmouth has one many awards and also has collaboration with some of the industry big names, like an Ambassador to GLO Network.

3. AY:

Ay, full name Ayo Makun. Goes by the comedy name AY is indeed one such Nigerian comedian who have transformed the way comedy can be perceived and enjoyed in Nigeria.

His quick transformation from stage comedy to TV kind of comedy was quite innovative and was what further made him very popular.

Looking for one of the most innovative Nigerian comedians that can mix and switch between one two things to bring up new stuffs that could put laughter in viewers faces. Then, AY is a pro in that.

AY is more like Jack of everything, master of everything. He is into Stand-up comedy, an Actor, entertainer, TV host and Musician too.

4. Apkororo:

Akpororo is another popular Nigerian Comedian. With really funny stage vibes. Can mix up things to make viewers laugh. Also multiplex his comedy with other things that fall in the comedy niche in the industry.

5. I go die:

Also another very funny Nigerian Comedian. His stage name “I go Die”, says it all. His jokes quite spans across many things that happen in the Nigerian society. That people can relate to and make sense of.

And mixes all the phenomena around the Nigerian space to create that laughter in people face and as well able to communicate a message.

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6. Gordons:

Gordons is another popular Nigerian comedian with the flair to produce stand up comedy with ease like wise also in the video comedy thing. With funny video series namd, Klinic Wards.

7. Seyi Law:

Seyi Law is said to be Gordons’ partner in crime as he displays the same agility as Gordons when on stage. His mini-skits in which he played Jesus Christ on the way to be crucified while he carried a cross and been flogged has won many audience over the years too.

8. Alibaba:

Ali Baba is one of the old guys in the Nigerian comedy space. He has been there for quite some time.

Alibaba his seen as the role model of other comedians who took after his footsteps and that had risen in the Nigerian comedy space.

He his known as the founder of what we know as the Nigerian stand up comedy thing. The Nigerian comedy industry can’t be mentioned without giving some accolades to Alibaba.

Apart from comedy, Alibaba is also involves in other entertainment niche, like event planning and MC.

9. Julius Agwu:

Julius Agwu is another old guy in the industry. With funny cracking joke and a personality that quickly sends one into laughter. Julius Agwu hails from Rivers State. Julius Agwu is also known as, Julius d’ Genius. Julius Agwu as also been seen in music videos and also recently declares is political intentions to go into politics.

10. Klint Da Drunk:

Klint Da Drunk as the name implies is another very funny Nigerian comedian. Best known for is stage performance depicting state of being drunk. In a real life settings away from comedy stage one would presume this guy is a real drunk because of the way he perfectly depicts the character.

The way he manages to combine things that happen in the Nigerian society as comedy by portrayal of a drunk and ability to pass the message across and also makes viewer laugh in the process is second to no other.

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11. Buchi:

Buchi is another very funny artiste. A Nigerian comedian with the stage flair. Buchi hails from Delta State. His real name is Onyebuchi Ojieh. Has performed in lots of comedy stages and can be seen as a role model to Delta state youths that strive in the entertainment niche.

12. Saka:

This one is included in the list not because of the stage comedy but the popularity and how he is has continued to remain relevant over the years. He has been seen in shows, movies, as Etisalat Ambassador and MTN ambassador. He is a lecturer also, sings and delves into other forms of entertainment aside the conventional standup comedy.

13. Helen Paul:

Helen Paul also known as Tatafo, is the funny woman in the industry. She has been an inspiration to the Nigerian females.  No doubt in an industry dominated by the males.

Helen Paul standup comedy could be traced back to her university days when she had to put a performance in the absence of the comedian that was supposed to perform. And surprisingly, shed did very well and created an aura for herself. Ever since, she has been into standup comedy.

She still finds a way of making a name for herself. Helen Paul combines standup comedy with being a TV host, singer and Actress.

14. Funny Bone:

Funny Bone with real name Stanley Chibunna is one of the funniest Nigerian comedians.  Hails from Kaduna State. But has parental roots traced to Anambra State. Funny Bone is a graduate of university of Jos. At university of Jos, Funny Bone studied Theater Arts. He is one such Nigerian comedians that started with humble earning and skyrocketed to the top eventually.

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