List of Web Hosting Providers in Nigeria

If you are searching for a Nigerian hosting company that is reliable in terms of web hosting. This page gives a listing of the top hosting providers you can opt for web hosting of your site in Nigeria.

Note the list is based on the Shared hosting plans. So whenever the term host or hosting is used in this post, just note that its meant to mean the shared hosting.

Shared Web Hosting is the cheapest Hosting plans small businesses can opt for.

Most a times the problems people face with Nigerian hosting providers is there lack of adequacy and reliability.

List of Web Hosting Providers in Nigeria

So many people get sceptical with the idea of hosting their web page on Nigerian based web host providers.

But, in this post, a list of the most reliable ones have been given. If any of your favorite web host in Nigeria that has proven to be reliable over time isn’t mentioned in this post, indicate in the comment section below.

Also note that the listings is not based on hierarchical numbering of the best at the top nor the worst at the bottom.

Rather is meant to give an insight to the features you get when opt for a particular one. The user is left to choose which of the hosts to opt for.

Without further ado, here goes the listing of the top web host companies in Nigeria.

A good hosting provider should be the one that can offer huge bandwidth (Preferably unlimited), Disk Space (SSD, if possible), Reliable up-time, Affordable Pricing, Good response time and fast DNS lookup.

The things to look up for in a web hosting is given below:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Disk Space (SSD)
  • Reliable Up time
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Good Response Time
  • Fast DNS Lookup

Top Nigeria Web Hosting Lists:


#1. Hubb8:

Hubb8 is another very good Nigerian Host/domain providers. They go to the extent of offering free hosting service to users as well as high end VPS hosting.

Hub8 offers affordable hosting plans with SSD’s disk space and unlimited bandwidth to users at a basic starting price of N250/month. Other plans to match your budget and needs are also given in this page.

Hub8 also has the dedicated WordPress Hosting for users using the CMS. The basic WordPress Hosting plan at Hub8 starts at N490/month or N4900/year.

The most robust being N990/month or N9900/year. All the WordPress Hosting plans including the basic, offers unlimited bandwidth, high speed SSD disk space  and free domain for the first year.

Also includes 50+ free WordPress template and automatic WordPress installation. More details are given in this page.

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Domainking is one of the popular domain and hosting providers in Nigeria. Web hosting plans at Domainking whether for WordPress blogs, PHP sites and other web pages starts at the flat rate of N300/month except in the cases of a massive bonanza.

Then the price tag could go way below the N300/month line. The N300/Month plan is referred to as the Soldier plan. Offers 2GB SSD Space, unmetered bandwidth, 2 websites, a free domain, cpanel and free SSL.

The second Host plan at domainking is the N800/month plan referred to as the Minister. Comes with 10GB SSD space, unmetered Bandwidth, 6 websites limit, 2 times speed, 1 free domain, free ssl and cpanel.

The last Web Host plan at DomainKing comes at a price tag of N1599/month referred to as the King plan.

Features include, unlimited ssd space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited websites, 4 times speed, free .com and domains, free ssl and cpanel.


Web4Africa provides affordable hosting plans to its users. The hosting plans comes in 4 package.

With N525/month you can opt for the most basic (Mercury) which offers users with 2GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth and free or domain.

The second host plan offered is the Bronze. Which you get for around N1300/month. Offers 10GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Also offers free domain names of .com, .net , .org and alongside others.

The remaining host subscriptions can be found in the web link.


Garanntor ng is another quite impressive host and domain solution for your web pages or blogs. They offer upto 3 kinds of web hostings. Shared Hostings, Virtual Servers and VDC-IaaS.

Since this page is on shared hosting package for small businesses. Then we deal solely on the shared Hosting plans offered by Garanntor.

Shared hosting plans offered by Garanntor starts at N125/Month for the most basic plan, termed as LH-Nano.

The whole shared hosting plans offered by Garanntor are 5 in numbers. With the most robust out of the list going for around N2900/Month.

You can easily find the one that suits your business or blog and that fits into your budget when you visit the link.


Whogohost can be thought of as one of the first hosting providers that went popular in Nigeria. Their hosting plan is in Five(5) categories.

The Aspire, Premium, Pro, Deluxe and Supreme web hosting plans. With a price tag of N4000 per year or N400 per month, you can easily secure a web host plan at Whogohost, that will give you a 10GB of bandwidth, 2GB disk space, free NG domain and SSL.

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More details of this host plsn can be found in the official site.


Utiware provides users with the option for subscribing for either the Windows Hosting Plans or The Linux Hosting Plans.

But the most popular Hosting has always being the Linux type. In fact when the term Hosting is mentioned everyone takes it has been LINUX.

Windows Hosting at Utiware cost around N5000/year to subscribe for the most basic. Suitable for small companies. Other package of Windows Hosting offered can be found in this link.

Linux Hosting plans offered by Utiware starts at around N4000/Year for the most basic. Comes with Free domain name types and also free SSL certificates. More info on their Linux Hosting can be found here.

#7. HostNowNow:

HostNowNow offers all kinds of Hosting packages to users. We would touch on the Shared Hosting plan offered by HostNowNow.

Shared Hosting plans offered by this provider comes at N2500/Year for the most basic. Which offers 4GB Bandwidth, 2GB Disk space, 1 free domain. Details of other hosting packages can be found in this link.


GlobalHosting247 offers a wide range of hosting plans. The most basic being the one that offers users 1GB disk space, 15GB bandwidth, Free ssl for N2250/Year.

Their also other beastlier hosting for larger businesses or websites depending on your budget. It can be found here.

#9. Smartwebonline Services:

This host provider offers Windows Based Hosting which starts at N3500/Year for the most basic plan. Which offers 30GB Bandwidth and 10GB diskspace. Other Hosting plans offered can be found in this link.


Qservers is another popular hosting providers in Nigeria. Their most basic hosting plans starts at N350/month or N3500/year.

Here You can be able to opt for the hosting plan which suits your business. They also offer free domains to all the hosting plans.

The most robust Hosting plans at Qservers is the Mega type, which cost N1700/month. More details are given in the link.

#12. Registeram:

Another Nigerian Hosting provider with 4 different hosting plans to opt for depending on user budget.

The most basic hosting plan offered by this provider is at N11500/year which offers free domain, 5GB disk space, 25GB bandwidth. More details on pricing on other plans including the basic is given in this link.


Hostsleek is another Nigerian hosting provider which offers affordable shared hosting plans for users including high end VPS and Reselling plans.

The shared hosting plans for small businesses and websites starts at N2000 for the most basic plan per year. And N10,000/year for the most robust Hosting package.

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Part of what users get is unlimited sites adding, free ssl and domain names. More info in this link.


Tfhost is another good hosting provider in the Nigerian niche. With basic plan starting at around N220/month. And the most robust of all going for N1200/month. All the hosting package offers free SSL certificate. More details is given in this link.

#15. Syskay:

Syskay hosting offers different hosting plans that can suit into your proposed budget. Also comes with the WordPress Host package which has 3 different categories of hosting to choose from.

The most basic of all goes for N6000/Year, followed by N12000/Year and N20000/year package.

You get SSD disk space, Free SSL, good bandwidth and SEO tools for wordpress.


This web hosting provider offers different kind of hosting plans for users. VPS, Shared host, Reseller, Dedicated servers and more.

The shared hosting plans which is the concentration in this post, starts at N6000/Year for the most basic of all and N2500/month for the most robust premium package. More details can be found here.


Offers wide range of Linux shared hosting plans for users. The basic hosting plans goes for around N1600/N1500 per year. More details can be seen in the link given.


VBhosnet is another Nigerian Host provider with a saucy hosting package for small businesses, blogs and web pages.

This hosting service and domain name provider offers users all kinds of hosting services you want.

The shared hosting starts at N7000/year for the most basic plan. This plan offers users with unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domain, free ssl, unlimited email address.

N14000/Year for the other enhanced package and N5000/month for the Linux VPS hosting package.

More information is given in the link.

#20. BetaHost247:

Offers users with different hosting plans to choose from. Like Windows Hosting, WordPress and Shared Hosting.

The shared hosting package starts at N4000/year for the most basic of all. Which offers free SDD space, unlimited bandwidth and free ssl. More details is contained in the shared hosting page.

Also has the popular CMS, WordPress Hosting package too. Which starts at N7000/year for the basic. It comes with the fast turbo to make WordPress faster. More details is given in this page.

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