List of Nigeria Universities offering Online Degree Programs

This post gives a quick listing of the top Nigerian universities offering online degree programs in Nigeria. Online degree programs offers applicants flexibility and reduces costs that would be spent on other expenses like accommodation and transportation.

Over the years there has been transition and evolving changes in the way things were done. The advent of new technology and internet had had impact in so many sectors. And, the education sector wasn’t an exclusion.

In the past, we had nothing like online degree programs in Nigeria. Though, online degree program in other developed nations aren’t something entirely new. Because, it’s quite popular over there. Due to fast, accessible internet and the infrastructure for this type of program to thrive.

In Nigeria, the concept of online school is a welcomed development for most of our universities. But, the set back has been its effective implementation in the dispensation of knowledge through this means.

Some universities that have embraced the online program as part of their courses offered still are struggling and trying to get it right with some of the challenges that come with the program.

First, on the side of the school in terms of resources and proper organization and secondly, the suitable environment for the program to thrive. Such as steady internet connection as well as other salient and obvious factors.

Some Nigerian Universities though, have already taken a bold step to delve into participating in online programs like their foreign counterparts in other nations. The list of some of the notable schools offering online degree programs in Nigeria are given therein.

#1. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Online Degree Program:

Ahmadu Bello University Zaria is unarguably one of the first universities in Nigeria to introduce the online MBA program.

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The program offers more than 5 diploma programs. They are run on e-learning platform of the school.

Students enrolled don’t need to go to the school’s location for anything. The whole setup has been made for comfort. After the completion of the online program, certificates are sent via courier to various locations for collection.

More information on ABU Distance learning program can be accessed here.

#2. University of Lagos Online Degree Program:

This institution also offer online programs in Lagos on different courses. The online programs aren’t just limited to students within the Lagos environs. But, also their has been provisions for other online learning dispensation centers in other states of the Federation too.

More information on the distance/online learning programs offered by university of Lagos is given in this link.

#3. National Open University Online Degree Program:

National Open University( NOUN) comes also as the top offering the distance learning program. The concept of NOUN in the first place is to be able to provide a flexible program for the working class or family people within their closest environment.

Therefore, for NOUN to also adopt the online degree program wasn’t a surprise. This program is available in all the NOUN branches in various states.

Therefore, those enrolled usually have access to the school for examinations and other activities since the location is close to their vicinity making frequent connection to the internet lesser.

More information on NOUN online distance learning program can be obtained via this link.

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#4. University of Ibadan Online Degree Programs:

University of Ibadan for quite some time had topped in ranking as the best university in Nigeria over the years. Their adoption of the online degree program isn’t a surprise.

They offer various online programs. Enrolled students learn through the internet. All the online programs, like all other universities mentioned earlier are NUC (Nigeria University Commission) accredited.

The main department for the dispensation of the online program is located in Ibadan with also other centers located around various states of the country.

More information of University of Ibadan online programs are given in this link.

#5. University of Maiduguri Online Degree Programs:

University of Maiduguri also offer online programs which has been around for quite a while. The courses offered are all accredited programs.

The distance learning program of University of Maiduguri dates back to 2004 making it one of the oldest programs for flexibility.

More information of University of Maiduguri Distance learning program is given in this link.

#6. Obafemi Awolowo University Online Degree Programs:

Obafemi Awolowo University is also one of the top Nigerian universities that offer online courses for applicants that applied for it. The program is NUC accredited. With provision for selection of different courses to study for the program.

Users can start their degree aspiration or further degree through this university.

More information on Obafemi Awolowo online distance learning program is given in this link.

#7. University of Port Harcourt Online Degree Programs:

University of Port Harcourt online degree program ensures applicant do virtually everything online and abstracting them from the physical class rooms.

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All processes have been digitalized. Its unarguably one of the best institutions in the country with online distance learning program.

More information on University of Port Harcourt online course programs is given in this link.

#8. Modibbo Adama University of Technology Online Degree Programs:

Modibbo Adama University of Technology formerly known as Federal University of Technology Yola offers online learning program that is also well organized. Physical class visitation is limited and almost entirely cut out.

More information of Modibbo Adama University of Technology online distance learning program is given in this link.

#9. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Online Degree Programs:

This institution also offer an organized online program too. With a selection process based on merit. Their online/distance learning programs are NUC accredited. Application for these programs can be done online. The structure of the program makes it one of the top you can get in the country where the online program thing is yet to reach its peak.

More details of the distance/online learning programs can be obtained from this link.

#10. University of Nigeria Abuja:

Also one of the top Nigerian universities with affordable online programs. Offers various programs that are all NUC accredited. Provides for flexibility and eliminates the distance barrier.

More information on the online degree programs offered by this university can be obtained in this link.

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