List of Top Populated States in Nigeria

Nigeria States by Population:

Nigeria States


1Kano State9,401,288
2Lagos State9,113,605
3Kaduna State6,113,503
4Katsina State5,801,584
5Oyo State5,580,894
6Rivers State5,198,605
7Bauchi State4,653,066
8Jigawa State4,361,002
9Benue State4,253,641
10Anambra State4,177,828
11Borno State4,171,104
12Delta State4,112,445
13Niger State3,954,772
14Imo State3,927,563
15Akwa Ibom State3,178,950
16Ogun State3,751,140
17Sokoto State3,702,676
18Ondo State3,460,877
19Osun State3,416,959
20Kogi State3,314,043
21Zamfara State3,278,873
22Enugu State3,267,837
23Kebbi State3,256,541
24Edo State3,233,366
25Plateau State3,206,531
26Adamawa State3,178,950
27Cross River State2,892,988
28Abia State2,845,380
29Ekiti State2,398,957
30Kwara State2,365,353
31Gombe State2,365,040
32Yobe State2,321,339
33Taraba State2,294,800
34Ebonyi State2,176,947
35Nasarawa State1,869,377
36Bayelsa State1,704,515
Federal Capital Territory1,405,201

Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the top most populated black African countries in West Africa. Comprising of a population that is estimated to be around the 200 million range. And expected to go above or within this range by the year 2020.

In 2017 the United Nations reports puts Nigeria at around 190.4 million and expected to go beyond this figure by 2019. Nigeria consist of 36 states in total. The most populated states in Nigeria is given in the listing above.

There has always being the argument of which state is more populated between Kano and Lagos state. From the listing above Kano tops it with not much of a difference. Though, these figures just gives an estimate, not the exact number of people in the states.

The top 10 most populated Nigerian states are thus:

Most Populated Nigerian States

  • Kano State 9,401,288
  • Lagos State 9,013,534
  • Kaduna State 6,066,562
  • Katsina State 5,792,578
  • Oyo State 5,591,589
  • Rivers State 5,185,400
  • Bauchi State 4,676,465
  • Jigawa State 4,348,649
  • Benue State 4,219,244
  • Anambra State 4,182,032
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Population censor was done around 2006 which puts Nigeria has having around estimated 190million people. And Kano state being the most populated with around 9.4million people inside it.

A look at some of the populated states in Nigeria are given below with Kano state coming first.

Kano state Population:

Kano state is the most populated state in Nigeria. With more than 9million people living inside it going by the population census held in 2006. But, the actual population may actually spike above 14million people.

Kano state is located in North West part of Nigeria. The state consist of 44 local government inside it. Which is the state with the largest amount of local government areas (LGAs).

Kano state is the commercial hub of the North part of Nigeria. Dominated by the Hausa speaking people. And could be said to be the most developed state in the north aside Kaduna state.

Lagos state Population:

Lagos is the industrial backbone of the Nigeria economy and one of the most populated cities in Nigeria and West Africa. It is where most of the companies and industries are located.

Catalyst that also contributed to Lagos economic buoyancy is the presence of the sea ports that connects to other european countries.

Lagos state has more than 8 million people inside it going by the 2006 population census but the estimated population as been purported to exceed 14million people.

Oyo state Population:

Oyo state has around 6million people living inside it going by the 2006 population census. The UN puts Oyo population at around 15 million people.

Kaduna state Population:

Kaduna state is one of the most developed states in Northern Nigeria alongside Kano state. Kaduna state is located in North West part of Nigeria. With population of more than 6million people going by the recent census data. But, going by the actual population may exceed the 12million range.

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Rivers state Population:

The population of River state going  by current estimates is around 10million people. But, 2006 population census puts it around 5million people. Rivers state is located in South South region of Nigeria. The state is amongst the top oil producing states in Nigeria. And thus, can be seen as one of the back-bone of the Nigerian based oil economy.

Rivers state has 23 local government areas. The capital of Rivers state is Port Harcourt. The state was created in May, 27, 1967. Land area is around 11077 square kilometers.

Katsina state Population:

Katsina state population going by the 2006 population census is more than 5million people. Though the actual number of people in the present day Katsina, may far exceed this figure.

Katsina is located in the North West part of Nigeria. And one of the most populated states in the country. Shares border with Kaduna and Kano State also.

Bauchi state Population:

Bauchi’s population going by the data from 2006 census is more than 4.6 million people. The present day Bauchi’s population far exceeds this figure.

Anambra state Population:

Anambra state is also amongst the top populous state in Nigeria. With a population of more than 4.0 million people in it from the extract of 2006 census. The present day Anambra’s population may put it around 9million mark or so.

Anambra is one of the top commercial states in Nigeria, just like Kano state (North West). But, Anambra is located in the North East part of Nigeria and dominated by the Igbo speaking tribe as opposed to Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Bauch which are predominantly made up of the Hausa speaking people.

Jigawa state Population:

Jigawa is located in the North-West part of Nigeria. Carved out from Kano state in 1991. The data from the population census held in Nigeria in 2006, puts Jigawa’s population at more than 4.3million people in it. Though the actual present day population may double this figure.

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Benue state Population:

Benue state is also one of the top populated states in Nigeria. The state is located in North central part of Nigeria close to Nasarawa state. Benue’s state population going by the 2006 census puts it at around 4.2 million people. And the present day population is expected to double this figure or thereabout.

Benue state is regarded as the food basket of the nation and the capital is called Markurdi.

Borno state Population:

Borno state is located in the North-East region part of Nigeria. Dominated by the Hausa and Kanuri speaking people. The population of Borno going by the 2006 census is more than 4.1 million people. And we expect this number to also double going by the present days population.

Delta state Population:

Delta state is located in South south region of Nigeria and also one of the top oil producing states in the country. The population of Delta state is around 4million range going by the data from 2006 population census conducted. But, we expect a double of this figure presently.

Niger state Population:

Niger state has the largest mass area in Nigeria. The state houses 3 electric Hydro power stations and thus, called the power state. Niger states population is put around more than 3.9million people going by the 2006 population censors. We expect a double of this presently.

Niger state is dominated by the Nupe, Gwari, Hausa and other ethnic tribes. Shares borders with Abuja and Kwara state. And also amongst the top most populated states in the country.

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