List of Yoruba Speaking States in Nigeria

List of Yoruba Speaking States in Nigeria

Yoruba Speaking States in Nigeria. A listing of various Yoruba speaking States is given in this web listings. First off, in Nigeria, we have over 120 Languages as seen from a previous post. With people from various works of lives, belief system and ideology making up the whole of the Nigerian federation consisting of 6-Geo Political zones and population estimate projecting to over 200million persons.

Yoruba Speaking States Nigeria

Amongst all the Nigerian Languages, aside the Nigerian Lingua Franca, English. The Yoruba language is among the 3 most popular languages in the country.

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The Yoruba speaking people are located in the South West part of Nigeria. Comprising of 6 States, namely:

List of Yoruba States:

With Oyo State being the State with the most populous of Local Governments, 33 LGA in total. Lagos State was the former capital of Nigeria and also one of the densely populated States in Nigeria comprising of 57 Local Governments Areas. Followed by Ogun State with  20 Local Government Areas, and then, Ondo State with 18 Local Government and also Osun State with 30 Local Government Areas and lastly Oyo State with 33 Local Government Areas.

In all of the States mentioned above is dominated by the Yoruba Speaking tribe. After English, it is the Yoruba Language that is mostly recognized in the above States.

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But aside these States listed above, their are also other States in the North Central region you find lots of Yoruba Speaking people, thus can not be classified entirely as a Yoruba speaking State but one can still find lots of Yoruba speaking people there also. Example are Kwara State and Niger State. For example in Kwara State, their is a Local Government called Offa with majority Yoruba speaking people and King.

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